Answer your questions about the program here


1. What is the AG Vector Accelerator Program?

The AG Vector Accelerator Program is a partnership between Andrade Gutierrez Engineering and NEXT Consulting that is looking for startups in the engineering and construction segment to partner with the organization in deploying pilots of their technologies, products and services in AG Engineering works.

2. What are the main dates of the AG Vector Accelerator Program?

  • Enrollment: 11jan to 11mar
  • Selection: 12mar to 1apr
  • Disclosure of selected startups: 2apr
  • Mobilization of startups: 3apr to 22apr
  • Acceleration period and pilots: 23apr to 28sep

3. What works will receive the technology pilots?

When selecting the startups, the initiatives will be checked against the feasibility of implementing their solutions in ongoing works, considering: the challenges faced in the works, relevance of the solution for the project, contract conditions, associated risks, etc.

4. Will AG invest in the startups?

The accelerator program will not generate investment ties with the startups. Depending on the AG Group strategy, investments may be made on occasion by agreement of the parties without participation of the accelerator.

5. Will AG keep the intellectual property after the accelerator program is over?

No, the IP will remain in hands of the company that developed the solution. In cases of cocreation or codevelopment, the best way to deal with the IP will be discussed beforehand according to each player’s participation in developing the solution.

6. Who will select the startups?

A multidisciplinary committee will be structured to select the startups according to criteria defined in the selection rules.

7. What type of startups will be selected?

Startups that present solutions to optimize projects, processes, methodologies, equipment and materials used in the works, as defined in the challenges prioritized after the diagnostic assessment. To participate in the Program, the legal entities must be duly constituted in Brazil or abroad, be at the early stages of activity, and invest in innovative “construtech” issues.

8. How will the accelerator program work?

Participating startups will effectively experience the routine of being assisted by mentors, discussing ideas and having weekly follow-ups of their KPIs, that is, identifying the weekly challenges established during this phase and determining whether the metrics were achieved/observed. Startups will be mentored by experts throughout the entire Program assisted by NEXT consultants and external companies, and have access to NEXT’s national and global mentoring network.

9. How will their performance be measured?

During the accelerator program the startups will regularly move on to different stages as they achieve the pre-defined indicators related to the level of engagement in the program and progress in the solution’s maturity, among others.

10. Where will the startups be located?

The startups will be located in the AG innovation space in SP.

11. Can I register an idea?

No. The program targets startups that already have a validated and structured MVP.

12. What assessment criteria will be used to define the finalists?

The selection criteria are based on the potential to increase productivity in a specific activity in which the pilot is deployed, and in their specific ability to incorporate innovation as a competitive advantage.

13. Do I need to go to all the stages of the selection process in person?

No. The only stage that will require the physical presence of at least one representative of the startup is the interview.

14. Will I receive any financial support to participate in the program?

No. Participants will be fully responsible for costing their participation in the selection process. In contrast, startups selected to participate in the accelerator will receive expert mentoring, follow-up by NEXT consultants and third party companies, and access to NEXT’s national and global mentoring network. Apart from the possibility of implementing paid technology pilots of their products and services in Andrade Gutierrez Engineering works.

15. How many startups will be selected to take part in the accelerator program?

Eight startups will be selected.

16. Will we sign a confidentiality agreement for the information addressed during the program?

AG and all the participating startups must follow the AG Vector Accelerator Program Regulation, which includes a confidentiality agreement signed by all the parties involved.

17. How long will the program last?

The Program will last 5 months, starting on 23 April 2018 and ending on 28 September 2018, a period that may altered at the exclusive discretion of Andrade Gutierrez.

18. How many vacancies will each selected startup have during program?

Each selected startup may appoint 4 people to participate in the program. It is important to note that the enrollment form must include the data of all participants.